Signs of the times…are good!

Welcome back to our cherished American clients who shared their new projects for Spring 09! Ask not what the US can do for us, but what WE can do for the US! We hope to proactively contribute to your full recovery, while learning to respect everyone’s limits (including mother earth’s). Our dear friends at Timberland […]

Team building in a global world

Ever wonder how to create a sense of team spirit, when most collaborators are spread out across the globe, freelancing or have never met face to face? The key is to virtually share in the accomplishments, by honouring everyone’s contribution, and keeping every team member in the loop until project completion. Organize a celebration when the project or product […]

A healthy mind needs a healthy body!

So is January living up to your expectations? Raising the bar is what we need to do to ensure we deliver quality results while living our best life. Being a lifestyle writer gave me a leg up on this balancing act, recently interviewing some of the most respected athletes, health experts in the country and […]