Signs of the times…are good!

Welcome back to our cherished American clients who shared their new projects for Spring 09! Ask not what the US can do for us, but what WE can do for the US! We hope to proactively contribute to your full recovery, while learning to respect everyone’s limits (including mother earth’s). Our dear friends at Timberland are updating their dealer website and the new line looks great. Welcome to everyone at RMP, distributors of over 15 of the world’s top sporting brands, we wish you much success as well! Major hotel chains are revamping their websites with great offers, and it’s “Show Time” for many in the ski and apparel industry, between SIA in Vegas, ISPO in Munich and NSIA in Montreal… at least no one can say we didn’t get enough snow in this part of the world! Another record year, just by measuring what fell off the roof again.

Salutations and a warm welcome to Barack Obama & family visiting us on Feb. 19th in Ottawa, and wishes of a more balanced lifestyle to our beloved Oprah and Stedman!