Careful what you wish for, for 2009!

Time to evaluate your satisfaction with your business and your life overall, because you get a clean slate once a year to start over and make it right! I often say “careful what you wish for” since most of our verbalized or written expectations have come true in some form or another. I like to rate […]

The Hills are alive

When my husband and I moved to the Gatineau Park almost 8 years ago (just north of Ottawa), little did we know there would be so much action going on around us. Because I can freelance from just about anywhere, I was just happy to hide in my home office and my virtual world, until I […]

Time to give back

If you are like me, the year starts off with a bang and then poof, here we are in December and we barely had time to keep track of our business; but there should also be some time to give back. This year we are planning to donate to various charities in time, services and money, such […]