Team building in a global world

Ever wonder how to create a sense of team spirit, when most collaborators are spread out across the globe, freelancing or have never met face to face? The key is to virtually share in the accomplishments, by honouring everyone’s contribution, and keeping every team member in the loop until project completion. Organize a celebration when the project or product reaches the market, through Skype, a webcast or a special delivery. Freelancers who feel appreciated and directly linked to their clients’ success tend to be more inclined to go the extra mile when under a time crunch, budget cutbacks, or when their own schedule is busier than normal because they will want the client’s image to reflect their own level of professionalism. The “family feeling” can create ties and loyalty, even if your team is in seperate time zones. For example, I truly appreciate the many companies I have been collaborating with on a regular basis, some for as many as 8 years now, and they know they can count on me when it matters most and I will deliver. Win-Win!