Careful what you wish for, for 2009!

Time to evaluate your satisfaction with your business and your life overall, because you get a clean slate once a year to start over and make it right! I often say “careful what you wish for” since most of our verbalized or written expectations have come true in some form or another. I like to rate the various areas of my life at the end of each year and set targets for the next 12 months; some are top priorities, some are wishful thinking, but all add up to a wonderful life I can be grateful for. This very web site was on my to do list for many years, but last year I wrote it as a goal…and voilà! Now if I could only fix the health of everyone, include more leisure time for those hobbies and passions, and inspire those around me to join me on the journey! On that note Happy New Year everyone, write in on the comment blog if you wish, and let’s make 2009 the year we stick to it!