The Hills are alive

When my husband and I moved to the Gatineau Park almost 8 years ago (just north of Ottawa), little did we know there would be so much action going on around us. Because I can freelance from just about anywhere, I was just happy to hide in my home office and my virtual world, until I was introduced to fabulous businesses right here in the area. The people I’ve met have traveled extensively, with a fascinating background and very interesting stories to share. This week I had the privilege of meeting the owner of Rendez-Vous Chelsea, and his vision and tenacity inspired me to keep reaching for my goals. We will be doing lots of collaboration in the future with so many projects on the go. Another favourite of mine is the team at the Nordik, a nearby outdoor spa I have come to depend on in busy times to get those creative juices flowing. The girls at Outaouais Tourism work tirelessly year round to promote every nook and cranny of this region, and without their mandates I probably wouldn’t know so much about the area today! Also congratulations to my 5 star friends at the Chelsea Smokehouse who keep reinventing the wheel for our culinary pleasure, and the award winning chef and crew at Les Fougères. It’s the little things that make a village a home, and without Cindy and Midge’s famous unsweetened frothy Soy Chai on a cold day, I just may have moved back to Tremblant. But this feels like home and I am grateful for all the business ideas we share as well! Cheers to community ties.