Time to give back

If you are like me, the year starts off with a bang and then poof, here we are in December and we barely had time to keep track of our business; but there should also be some time to give back. This year we are planning to donate to various charities in time, services and money, such as the 24 hours of Tremblant, a non-stop ski event raising millions for sick kids and various charities from Montreal to Ottawa; In the past I have enjoyed collaborating with “Paws for Charity” here in Ottawa, a dog-loving group of women entrepreneurs raising funds and awareness for (human) the Breast cancer foundation. Food banks and shelters are other favourites, since we can do so much with very little. This year I also want to include certain programs with local hospitals who have helped us so much, and at least one project for under developed countries. If every small entrepreneur supported one cause, only once a year, imagine what we could accomplish on a global scale. Here’s to giving more of yourself this season!