The power of positive energy

Samantha for Obama - Feb19 in Ottawa
Samantha for Obama – Feb19 in Ottawa

The thrill of being on Parliament Hill last Thursday is still hard to put into words. Despite the heavy security, thousands of cheerful and peaceful Obama admirers joined together to welcome the new era to Canada. Never before has the energy been so charged with optimism, and I can only pray it will have a lasting impression on our leaders as well. I was walking along Confederation Boulevard with my dog Sam (photo), and decided to join in the festivities – we both got frisked by the police, and I think she really liked it! I salute the way the national media covered the event, and I was grateful to meet Peter Mansbridge and his colleagues from CBC in person to tell them. Here’s proof that you attract more bees with honey (through kindness and understanding), so let’s keep this warm and inviting attitude for all our international guests and see how far it takes us. Great communication starts with mutual respect, genuine curiosity and empathy.