The official Staycation… turned daycation!

At the beginning of 2009, I had earmarked the first week of July to take time off and recharge with my busy travelling husband, also a borderline workaholic entrepreneur. I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to my regular clients who gave me their blessing, and also thank those who kept sending writing assignments with the tag line “I know you’re supposed to be on vacation this week, but…”. In this day and age, I am very grateful to feel my services are needed, so don’t apologize! I still admit I have a hard time pulling the plug completely, which explains today’s blog on a rainy Friday. Bottom line, we stayed home most of the week, which we both enjoy very much in the country; over 5 years ago, we began embracing the Staycation mode, even before it became trendy. We would go out and enjoy great restaurants and attractions, all within a 150 KM radius; similar idea to the 100-mile diet but in a touristy kind of way – both very green and great for the local economy. This year we took it up a notch, coining the term Daycation, where we would wake up naturally with no agenda, and let the day guide us to what we wanted to do, or not do. We stayed close to home, no luggage to pack, no maps, no service charge. We read, visited friends, worked out, had lunch on deck, saw the Snowbirds for Canada day, drank local wine, strolled through farmers market, swam in the lake… we took the time to hear ourselves think with zero performance pressure. I do feel rested from it, almost antsy to get back to the creative world! To those awaiting replies in my inbox, I’ll be back very soon, and may all of you enjoy your best summer break ever. Even if it’s just for one day. Make it your perfect day!

Today we had the pleasure to have our friend the grateful griller aka Mike Shannon over, and he truly embodies the key to a great staycation – Good Friends, Great Food & Fun, all spiced and smoked to perfection with his unique backyard culinary concepts! Check it out at for all the latest on his blog. Photo of the Chef in action every Thursday at Kaffe 1870 of Wakefield…making us wish we had 2 more months of summer!