Spring clean-up for your office…and your career!

Thanks to all who supported the Canadian Ski Hall of fame last week, we had a great time and hats off to the 2010 Olympic Games committee, including our chef de mission, Crazy Canuck Steve Podborski who was out in full form among the 300 VIP guests and national media. Also a big salute to our friends at T&L who lost their 50 yr old flagship store in a blaze a few weeks ago, but no doubt their strong spirit will lead to a beautiful new concept in the coming months. We stand in awe of your determination to succeed, and are ready to pitch in at any moment. I am currently working on their new website which should be ready in May. 

I started going through older files this April season (aka receipt hunting season) and came across a few interesting life goals and old to-do lists. Now the revised and updated versions are posted on my wall in full view, where I can easily check off and track my progress! So many things we hang on to for nothing, since it is so easy to track someone down through their website or email. Off you go so I can see the beautiful wood surface of my desk! This upcoming week-end we are headed to a women’s seminar called the “Ultimate Girls Getaway” at a 5-Star hotel, and the many workshops sound like great inspiration to clean up our old clichés and release the “person who might have been” from within! Let her out to play and rejevunate this spring! Less stuff, more experiences! Embrace what you can do. I am now working on a book with a great friend and colleague, Dr. Cheryl Cooper of Vitalmed in Ottawa. We talk about the impact a few well structured sessions can have on all aspects of your life-we will be excited to get feedback in the coming months on a few chapters, so stay tuned and well hydrated!