Sisters are doing it for themselves…1-2-3!

There was a time…when they used to say, that behind every great man, there had to be a Great Woman. Well those times may still be true (if he’s lucky), but that woman is also busy running her own career goals, personal aspirations, keeping in touch with her girlfriends, taking care of her family, inspiring others, volunteering and oh yeah – that bucket list. How does she balance it all –atop her stylish heels? 

In the past couple of years, I noticed a growing trend of empowering women groups and retreats, where the feminine energy flows in supportive good cheer. My personal experience attending two Ultimate Girls Getaway this year yielded more results and brought me a lot closer to the positive lifestyle I aspire to; I meet like-minded women from all walks of life and backgrounds, many with wonderful success stories to share. Find out more about Nadja and daughter Veronica Piatka’s personal successes on all fronts, including launching a food company which became an international phenomenon and inspiring other women to believe in their million-dollar ideas or simply in themselves ( Lisa McKenzie launched Deserving Divas and more recently,, to help entrepreneurs and individuals become the conversation and claim their place in the sun on social networks and beyond – her and intuitive coach Lisa Lajoie were featured at Connect the Dots for women in Ottawa. Vered Haiun does it daily, thanks to her new local charity to help communities get fitter and feel better about their bodies, she also runs Latitude Fitness in Pierrefonds near Montreal and Renaissance of the Goddess workshops. I loved Monica de Liz new description of fat. Fabulous, Attractive and Trendy. Now there’s power in those words that can carry over into anyone’s catwalk! Her business platform is self-esteem for today whatever your body image, disguised as style workshops… There are countless wonderful women like them out there and it’s time to interview them and ask how they keep it all balanced and not lose themselves in the mix. My sister, when she’s not too busy being a top corporate lawyer in Montreal, also enjoys the business networking events for women, such as Guru Nation with organizer from New York to Toronto, focusing on leadership and furthering your career with your life, not one without the other…

So today, even though it’s still a few minutes shy of cocktail hour, I want to raise a glass (or cup) to all these FABulous wonderwomen out there and share my admiration! It would certainly make for great stories in my book… Once I take the time to write more exclusively for that cherished ongoing project!