Since when is good Karma a “Secret”?

Where did October go? No matter how crazy our life  gets, it is always the perfect month for good deeds. Our Chelsea RepFest group donated $500 for the local kids with the proceeds of the last sample sale so thanks to everyone who came out, and this month is also Cancer awareness month. A colleague and a friend’s mom are both battling a form Leukemia and are staying strong with a positive attitude. Seems like many people we talk to these days are going through a tough time. If your situation and your own health  allow you to give back, Just do it! I have always believed that good karma is no “Secret”, despite what all the new age books say. No matter what life force you believe in, there is no denying the positive energy that comes from giving from the heart. Many would say the rewards are almost selfish since the giver (of time, empathy, or any form of help) is the one that reaps the most benefits. If you are looking for great causes, you could support the upcoming 24 hours of Tremblant at or through the event links of in December or get involved locally. May you be happy, may you be healthy!