Top speakers on Canadian soil, thanks to I am Genie foundation

It is not every day that we are given the opportunity to attend world-class inspirational speakers’ presentations right here in Ottawa. With the mission to change the world one granted wish at a time, the people behind the I am Genie foundation, Joshua Dawson and his crew, are setting out to do just that. When Dawson’s dad died of cancer, he decided he wanted to make a difference so he started to surprise people with cancer and dress up as a blue genie character to grant wishes. The desire to inspire people and shed light in a dark situation shows people another way to live, that there is magic in the world. More information on the numerous wonderful wishes granted can be found on the page. To help fund these wishes for patients all over the world, the I am genie foundation is  organizing some impressive evenings with best-selling spiritual and inspirational authors/speakers on the who’s who of Oprah’s speed dial; Marianne Williamson, Dr Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and James Van Praagh for 2015 alone.  Towns vary by speakers, but Canadians can enjoy these magical events from Edmonton all the way to St-John’s. Mrs. Genie (the beautiful Ingrid Thornhill) is also designing T-shirts and all proceeds go to granting more wishes for cancer patients. We look forward to their new TV show as well, as a pilot was just picked up!

After finding out that best-selling author, spiritual guru, US congress runner-up, Oprah guest regular, and all around amazing woman on a mission Marianne Williamson was coming to Ottawa on April 30th for an event, I put it out there to the Universe that it would be amazing to meet her. Since my own wish was granted, I thought the very least I can do is to pay it forward by sharing a few highlights of this wonderful night with others who would very much love her message and attend such a live life-changing event. I also wanted to make sure every Canadian she met was being very gracious to her so far (she was speaking in Montreal the next night then St-John) and she assured me she was having a wonderful time, thank God. Once on stage, the seasoned speaker was simply mesmerizing, making it hard to take notes with countless quotable moments. Love as a global force was her topic, inspired by her Course in Miracles and her few recent books (Return to love, the Law of Divine Compensation, and so on). Best known for her famous quotes, notably:  “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” Marianne challenges her audience at every corner, launching a mass awakening in order to avoid the next iceberg and turn this world aka Titanic around. “It may be the 11th hour, but it is not yet midnight” we can still make a change in direction and focus on love instead of fear, the only two real emotions in life. “When we think and act with love, our lives work better”. Even those who seemingly have achieved the most have not even achieved a fraction of what we humans are capable of. In the course in miracles we learn that the Universe is intentional. The same energy that turns acorns and embryos into majestic oak trees and human beings can certainly guide us. We are reassured knowing that most of the people on this planet are good and want good for others. But since conviction is a force that is rapidly multiplying and those who truly hate, hate with conviction, we have no choice but to address solutions. The love that will save the world is not the love that stems from the ego, but the love that includes the poor children across the world. “We must realize that we are not in fact just here for ourselves” Hence the goal is to shift the perception from deep fear to boundless love. To wake up each day asking ‘How can I serve today”? instead of what do I want. To those who tell Marianne she is naive to think this way, she says there is no other way to survive as a species. What is the alternative, she asks? The status quo may be working for the status quo, but hopefully we work together to come up with much better ideas. Either way, the universe will re-calibrate itself. It may throw us off for 25,000 years if we do not correct the course we are on, but it will be OK (as the audience laughs). She closed her presentation in prayers and recommended a regular practice of meditation. We train the body with physical exercise to be able to move better, as we should train our mind and spirits to be able to better stand still.

Thank you Marianne, and coming up this Thursday May 21st, Ottawa welcomes Dr Wayne Dyer. I’ll be ready, pen and notepad in hand so look forward to highlights form Thursday as well!  For more information follow the Facebook page I am genie or the event page and for tickets

A special Thank you to the people I met: There are no coincidences they say, just the universe conspiring to plant a few clues in front of you to send you on the right path. Indeed. I went to find my seat, a wide church bench. I introduce myself to the guests beside me, who just so happened to be Casey Grey ( and his beautiful wife Natasha, the lovely angels who paid for my parking hours earlier ( they saw me park while the attendant was away and I had left a note on my windshield that I would be back but they had covered it how grand). I thanked them profusely and we chatted about their own amazing journey as well. To my left, I met more great people, Lindsey Marie and her friend Samantha Michael, a published author who offered me her memoir “The Beauty of my shadow” where she shares her own life story of strength and survival. Inspired by all these good deeds, I donated to her charity called An Aid to Help Foundation from Ottawa. This all happened before Marianne even stepped on stage! I truly understand that I was just meant to be right there, right then. A special thank you goes out to event organizing Goddess Samantha Moonsammy, and team Genie Christa Steeves, Teresa Bryant-Park, the many other volunteers and to videographer Sophie Renaud of SCphotography.  You all made this first event a night to remember. Here’s to the next presentations and many more wishes fulfilled!