Inspiration and creativity for fellow entrepreneurs

The power of blogs still amazes me. Only a few years ago, being in the media was the only sure way to get your messages heard and share information to the world, but today, how many times have we picked up useful tips and advice on everything from balanced lifestyles, fitness, love, giving back, or happiness through interesting and inspiring blogs? June’s Good Housekeeping magazine was referring to the astounding number of women, mostly mothers, reading blogs daily in order to feel connected to others’ experience. I would like to do the same for other entrepreneurs in the blogosphere, reaching out to those working from home especially, who manage an international/ virtual client base. What makes your day more meaningful? 

For me, the joy of having my own personal home office, where my beloved dog Sam can hang out with me on her couch is extremely precious. My husband also has his own work space in the house, which includes the entire “women-free zone” garage, the basement, and his large sun filled office big enough to fit a yoga studio. Not that I’m jealous of all the space his business occupies, but I’m just saying having your own space is a nice luxury. Come to think of it, it would be nice to switch rooms, but I’m comfortable in this quiet part of the house and it beats a cubicle in a high rise any day.  The pleasure of being able to go for a hike most days and work late into the night goes a long way to foster my creativity and sanity on a deadline filled week. But some also see the other side of having your work always staring at you in the face if you do not have a closing door to your office, or if you have already become a crackberry type; but lucky for my husband and I, we manage to deal with all the urgent matters daily, then talk about anything else that’s on our minds on our walks.  It wasn’t always the case in our past lives chasing the corporate gold mine, but today better planning has made us aware that no one will be there to take care of us when we’re older so we better incorporate sustainable and healthy habits in our work lives and our lifestyles in general so we can outlast the previous working generation’s goals (Freedom 55?). On that note, time to strech and refill that green tea! Feel free to comment or send me an email at with your thoughts and comments.