Goal setting this week: Giving back and not giving up!

For many of us today, trying to manage our online life with our real time life can create a case of multiple personalities. Should I be wittier on Twitter to get retweeted more or is replying to everyone enough? Should I show more face time on Facebook for my friends and their friends of friends? Should I link to more proof of my actual work on LinkedIn? Should I instantly share more photos and acknowledge everyone who likes them on Instagram?  Should I ask friends to give a thumb’s up and comment on my latest YouTube video? Hootsuite all social media accounts at once tout de suite? Oh and yes, how often should I update my blog so that is still considered a live blog? What topics should I address next? Aaaah the all-important existential questions of the average entrepreneur and modern “social” worker these days! More importantly, my question is, how do we make a difference by adding content? What could generate a good healthy conversation among worldwide avatars for your brand of just for fun?

As a professional freelance writer and translator, I get a lot of requests from companies who wish to grow their ‘relevant’ presence on the web, and also to write for magazines who wish to include some #hashtag worthy newsworthy updates. I also receive over 500 emails a week, and I manage a few different accounts, a company, colleagues, a husband and a dog who all require my undivided attention. Yesterday :-).

After all this time spent reading and writing online, are we any more plugged in? At the end of this beautiful fall weekend pondering these questions, I came up with this conclusion:

Our life purpose should be about giving back more, and never giving up.

Feature others who you admire or work in the background, give a public nod of approval to people and businesses that go the extra mile. Find ways to encourage someone to follow their dreams or who has overcome a lot; talk about hard working charities and a cause that is close to your heart, not just trending up. If we all consciously chose to give back a little more, miracles could happen every day. More selfless acts of generosity and kindness, less selfies ;-).

Let that influence all your choices and words and watch your energy and those around you soar!  Thanks for your feedback and comments.