Energize your networking

Office parties, Client appreciation days, professional association holiday cocktails, … ‘Tis the season for networking and getting a leg up securing next year’s contracts and being ready for opportunities. Cheers!

I just mailed my Christmas cards and sent a few token gifts to cherished clients and partners, without whom I wouldn’t be here. Much gratefulness to you all, and to all a very healthy and happy Holiday Season!!! New goals and resolutions for 2010, we made it this far, don’t give up now.

Somehow when I get those corporate cards with barely a live person’s signature at the bottom (Like the one today I received from my bank!), I wonder why they even bother at all. Many will choose to send a nice Holiday email and that’s OK to save on time, even good for the environment and your finances when you have thousands to account for. But a generic wish won’t deliver a very good response… Keep your heart in the right place and go the extra mile for those select few who mean a lot to you and tell them in your own words why you care about keeping their business and value their loyalty! And of course this goes for every service provider you take for granted. A sincere Thank you is often the best gift!

Hopefully things will slow down a bit next week and the next, so far contracts are piled up high for the next 10 days and new writing assignments are coming in… In a world of deadlines, most of us would like not to feel dead at the end of the line 🙂

Please feel free to share your own life balance tips, rituals and how you keep your energy flowing! Namaste!