Dust yourself off and get back in the saddle

If I had forecasted all that would happen since this same time last year, I would have strapped on parachute, ha ha! Yet here we are, so grateful for all the joyful moments and achievements this year brought us all, and the latest lessons as well. We are here, we made it! Let’s take a moment to take a deep breath together… Aaaaah. We skied, we apres-skied but also worked hard at being proactive to anticipate our client’s increasing demands. When I look at all the efforts made to meet my goals and keep my resolutions, there’s enough to write a funny skit in there. The bottom line is I never gave up, never quit, and kept trying new things, talking to new people and experts, reading new books, listening to other businesspeople more, asking them better questions and taking it all in. The idea now is to analyse what actually did not work and discard that approach from my new set of goals, and doing more of what works! A major lesson this year has been the effect of our energy on others, what we bring to the table has a proven impact on any outcome. We are responsible for the intentions we set forth to the universe. The difference between a wish and an intention is a wish would be a head goal, while a true intention stems from the soul and can hence vibrate to attract similar positive energy and experiences. Ever noticed how when you slow down and project kindness on someone who’s having a bad day instead of mirroring their negative energy, the whole interaction can change? The key is to be conscious of what we are receiving and staying present long enough to decide how we will act, not simply react. A smile and a helpful comment in business situations can really make a difference and set the tone for future collaborations. As Ghandi recommended, “Be the change you want to see in the world” and I would like to add See the change you want to be in the world, grabbing every opportunity to be our best self.