Balance your work life with your real life

Do you ever feel like your business has a life of its own? Some days it feels like micro organisms, others it’s more like the underworld… You may be an entrepreneur, but really, Who’s running who here? Today I wanted to share some tips on how to make sure your many priorities don’t swallow you whole and how you can learn to actually enjoy the juggling act. The irony for me was that I used to have little time left to submit articles… on work-life balance for , due to all my other tasks and commitments!  

1. Get centered and get very grateful before you boot up your computer every morning, by closing your eyes and taking a few long breaths. Your blood pressure will stabilize once you start looking forward to  reading your emails and communicating with the world. We are all connected, and we can use our powers for good! This took a while to apply and appreciate… My attitude used to be “Let’s see what the cat dragged in” or “who’s got an emergency for me today”… but now I see each challenge or request as an opportunity to shine and go the extra mile, for my own personal satisfaction and to share the journey with my clients and colleagues. Is there such a thing as the worker’s high? Only if you can derive simple pleasures from your daily tasks, and include a few more pleasant activities throughout your week. Remember, you are here because of your own choices (for the most part; otherwise we would all be on the beach).

2. Pick the people you do business with, based on your own intuition. This may sound odd, but I discovered that we become even more successful when surrounded and inspired by the right people and businesses. Those absorbed by negative energy will never get ahead and meet their meaningful goals in the long run. Try to attract the kinds of projects that are right for you and fit your core values. The rest will follow; it may seem hard to say no at first but you will need to make way for what will charge you with light and a smile on your face. I certainly appreciate my collaborators and clients’ sense of humour! But more importantly, their vision is in synergy with mine.

3. Use your breaks wisely. Most people working at a computer all day (lucky us!) are likely to browse online on their down time instead of going out for a short walk in the fresh air. Not only will the exercise stimulate your mind and blood flow, but the change of scenery will do wonders for your energy levels and outlook. Try to use your breaks to plan something you will look forward to that evening or the following week-end… On that topic, if you are lucky enough to have your clients or colleagues nearby – hold your short meetings outside!  Try to incorporate more muscles into everyday tasks and you can eventually cut down on your gym time.

4. Redecorate and have a mascot. Here at 5 Star Communications headquarters, cherished photos and Sam the yellow labrador are constant reminders that our work life needs to flow in sync with the rest of our lives. I am thankful everyday not to be writing from a grey cubicle and having greenery outside my window. Having a pet nearby will force you to get up and stretch every hour or so, even when deadlines are looming! Our bodies react to our surroundings, so take some time to rearrange a few things on your desk or walls.

5. If none of these tips help or apply to you, reconsider your life goals and short term objectives. What is truly important to you? Do you value quality work but have no time to improve your skills on a yearly basis? Do you value health but are eating your stress away at this very computer? Maybe you value relationships but have no time to return personal calls or emails? Stop and realize you can change your way of doing things any time you choose to. You are the boss. 

Now get back to work 🙂