Another year over…

And a very happy new year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear

– John Lennon

Let’s address our fears in 2020. What are you fearful of? Or a better question, what would you accomplish without a shadow of a doubt, if you knew you could not fail?

That is the goal for this fresh new year just beginning. Next step, we learned from experience that the opposite of fear is knowledge. Seek out reliable sources of information that contradict your feeling of fear. Marianne Williamson also said there are only two emotions in this life: Love and Fear. Our actions are either based on a loving intention, or a fearful one. For example, take our New Year’s Health Resolutions… how many of us start new habits out of fear of getting sick or out of shape? I would say most… But what I found works best is changing to healthier habits out of LOVE for ourselves, our bodies and the environment too. When we subconsciously push someone away, it may be from a fear of rejection that we project. When we are scared of writing and submitting that manuscript or starting a new project/business, it can also stem from fear of rejection or failure, lack of self-confidence perhaps. If we turn this intention around to including loving actions, positive vibes from supportive people around us, communications with others or writing from the heart, we will inevitably feel the powerful shift in the energy we attract. This is my personal journey motto and I made a promise to myself and to my loved ones to not give up on our vision for a happy life. I will take on challenges that scare me a little bit. I will share from a vulnerable place; I will admit my failures that were lessons in a silver lining. I will grow my knowledge so that I can also help others see their truth. What will you risk for the coming year? May your road be a trusty peaceful one. #TrusttheJourney

Happy 2020,

Marie-Piere Belisle-Kennedy

& Gucci the Labragirl