Attempting the ridiculous leads to the miraculous

Businessman and pro triathlete Brendan Brazier in Ottawa

Save the ocean efforts lead by Christie Brinkley

If not miracles, I believe thinking out of the box often leads to unforeseen decent results. This is what the world needs now to solve the oil spill which is really a global problem, not just one company’s failure but an entire industry’s and eco-system we are all a part of. May the curious, odd student (or lovable nerds, geeks) come up with a solution to a billion dollar problem and turn into heroes! Go underdogs! Supermodel turned activist Christie Brinkley’s online profile is filled with new ideas to save the beaches and our oceans with a growing fan base, with everyone from kids to Kevin Costner getting in on the brainstorming.

After a glitch, I had to rework my blog which led me astray for a few months attending to other priorities and urgent writing assignments. But I realized I missed this! I met and spoke to a few amazing entrepreneurs in the last few months, including Canadian triathlete turned mogul Brendan Brazier who was in Ottawa launching his new power protein Vega and his latest book Thrive Fitness at Market Organics. The CTV camera crew was on him and I also had the chance to ask him what made him start a supplement business in such a fierce global market. Shy yet very well spoken, he explained “Well when I was training I could never find the right plant-based totally vegan  blend so I started making it at home myself, which then led me to meet with a team of people involved with distribution of Maca and we developed a new formula with all the right nutrients for endurance athletes.” Ambitious to say the least, Brendan’s formulas have won many innovation awards and are now sold throughout many countries, his books are best sellers, and he became an in-demand speaker to environmental groups as well as health and wellness seekers.  The Thrive Diet book is based mainly on clean vegan eating with organic ingredients and simple recipes, not solely store-bought supplements. Our interview was very informative and inspiring to mix your passions with your business or career goals, and we wish him much success on his journey to help others achieve peak state with sustainable, allergen-free products. Win-win!

On a personal note, I will be “off the grid” recharging and writing on the beach with a pencil and notepad (remember those?) in the next few weeks. To my beloved clients and partners, you know the dates and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can; in the meantime you can reach my colleagues for urgent requests. Cue the steel drum holiday music