Where are they now? Post-retirement these top skiers are still thriving

It was an honour to be asked to interview so many great world class skiers over the years, especially getting to hear first-hand their own feelings when came time to retire from international competition and its demanding schedule and high toll on the body and the mind. Published in September 2020 in Ski Canada Magazine popular Gear Test and Buyers’ Guide – enjoy this piece of a top 10 of Canadian royalty. #AlexBilodeau #MelTurgeon #DaveIrwin #MaximeDufourLapointe #MPPréfontaine #LucieLaroche #RobBoyd #LarisaYurkiv #JanHudec #PandaHaus
all rights reserved, skicanadamag.com and author Marie-Piere Belisle-Kennedy. Photos used with permission.